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I help science educators to incorporate culturally relevant and innovative skills into their teaching methods so that they can cultivate connections to science content for students from diverse backgrounds.

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Uchenna Emenaha Miles  Ph.D.


I am Dr. Uchenna Emenaha Miles, a Houston native with West African heritage. I am an award-winning professor, educational researcher, and author. I have a range of experiences teaching at various levels – from upper elementary, secondary, to my current roles as an assistant professor at an R1 University. My expertise is in using culturally relevant pedagogy (CRP) within science/STEM instruction, to leverage students’ lived experiences making science instruction meaningful and engaging. At the heart of my work is a commitment to bridging the divide between equity and science education, striving to create a more inclusive and understanding academic environment.

I am also thrilled to share my upcoming book, “Science for All: A Guide to Developing Culturally Relevant Science Instruction for Educators Teaching in Diverse Communities.” This book is not just a publication; it's a manifestation of my dedication to transformative education where every student's story is heard and valued in the science classroom. Join me as I open new doors to inclusive and impactful science teaching.

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Title:Emenaha,U.(2023). Deconstructing Social Constructs: Exploring Teachers’ Positionality When Teaching Race and Human Diversity in the Science Classroom in the Journal of Multicultural Affairs. 

Title: Emenaha, U. & Hernandez, J (2022) History and the science mystery: Using Scientific 

Evidence to Solve Mysteries in the Teaching Science journal. 

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Title: Emenaha, U. (2022). Reimagining a Culture of Equality (R.A.C.E.) lesson: Discussing race in the science classroom:, published in The American Biology Teacher Journal.


April 26th, UTeach STEM Educators Association (USEA)- virtual 
March 17-20 National Association of Research in Science Teaching (NARST)-Dever, CO
April 11–14 American Education Research Association (AERA)- Philadelphia, PA


Forthcoming book: Science for All: A guide to developing culturally responsive science instruction for educators teaching in diverse communities.

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